David Lea zieht sie alle ab Drucken
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Samstag, den 07. Mai 2011 um 10:50 Uhr

David Lea macht ernst. Mit seinem Club "Nomads" (außer Paul Steeples, #54 der WQC 2010, lauter unbekannte Mitspieler) holte er sich grade zum zweiten Mal den Titel der stärksten Liga der Welt QLL gegen berühmte Clubs wie die dreifachen Europameister "Broken Hearts" und David Stainers "Pericardium".

Und damit nicht genug, in jugendlichem Übermut gewann er auch gleich den erstmals ausgespielten "Brain of London"-Titel gegen Weltstars wie Kevin Ashman und Olav Bjortomt.


Teamplayer David Lea...


Sucht nach böser Pleite Trost im Alkohol: Kevin Ashman...



Here it is, the ultimate "Are you a genius of David Lea proportions"-quiz: (Solutions under "Lösungen 2 "). If you get 20 out or 20 there's a 10% chance you might hold him to a draw. Good luck!


1. What is the world's oldest sanctuary, constructed about 9.500 BC in Southeast Turkey. It is NOT Catal Hüyük, which is a neolithic city in central Turkey founded some 2.000 years later.

2. Which claim made the fish Paedocypris progenetica famous in the year 2004?


3. South African William Kentridge is widely regarded as one of the world's most influential visual artists. What does he do?

4. Policeman Karl-Heinz Kurras shot an unarmed left-wing demonstrator in 1967 (June 2nd) which caused the creation of terrorist groups RAF and Movement June 2nd. What transpired in 2009 about the 1967 events that completely changed the picture?

5. Which much sought-after footballer (soccer) of Congolese descent debuted in the Belgian squad at the age of 16?

6. Which Armenian-American is regarded as the world's most powerful art dealer?

7. Whats the name of the Japanese region around Sendai devastated by the 2011 tsunami?

8. Where would you find the world's saltiest lake?

9. Undisputed champ Rocky Marciano retired undefeated. Which heavyweight boxing champion (20th century) follows suit with only one loss, strangely to a middleweight?

10. Which American R&B singer of Haitian descent hat 2009 hits with "Whatcha say" and "In my head"?

11. What kind of record did Boston Celtic Ray Allen snatch from Reggie Miller in 2011 with 2.561?

12. Who is the central character of the dystopic bestseller "Hunger games", soon to be portayed on the big screen by Jennifer Lawrence?

13  Which writer was born in Lithuania, won the French Prix Goncourt twice ("Roots of the sky") and married actress Jean Seberg ("Breathless")?

14.  Which Chinese Oil company is #4 in the world behind Royal Dutch, Exxon and BP?

15. Which American artist is known for creating installations in which lots of nude people pose in artistic formations?

16.  Under what name is Samsung's Android OS Apple challenger i7500 better known ?

17.  What's the name for people dancing on a dancefloor to music they listen to on wireless headphones? Yeah, strange...

18. Who is in charge of the Navy SEALS that caught Saddam and dispatched Bin Laden in Operation Neptune's Spear?

19. After Megan Fox fell out with Michael Bay, which English model replaced her in Transformers 3 (Dark of the Moon) ?

20. What did Bi Sheng invent in China in 1041?

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