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1. The Scottish flag is called the St.Andrew's Cross or...?


2. The largest and arguably most beautiful lake has also given (comic character) Captain Haddock's favourite whisky its name.



3. Who killed king Duncan I. in 1040?


4. Which nephew of Dennis Lawson starred in "Trainspotting" and played the young Obi Wan Kenobi in the first three Starwars episodes?


5.  Which border village became famous for weddings of runaway English minors?


6.  Which palace is the Queen's official Scottish residence on the bottom end of Edinburgh's Royal Mile?



7. Golf was invented on the city's "Old Course", and Scotland's oldest university was founded here in 1411. Prince William ran into a certain Kate Middleton on campus.


8. Europe's only professional percussionist has won a Grammy even though she has been deaf since the age of 11. Her name is...?


9.  Coached by legendary Jock Stein, surprisingly a Protestant, which team was the first from the UK to win a European soccer cup?


10. Which stone, allegedly a part of King David's throne but in fact of Irish origin, was used to crown Scottish kings until the English stole it?

In 1996 John Major returned it to Edinburgh.


11. The Edinburgh Festival, the world's largest art festival, is also known under which name?


12.  In the last pitched battle on British soil the Duke of Cumberland defeated Scottish Jacobites and the French at which site in 1746?


13. Which German composed the "Hebrides Ouverture" inspired by Fingal's Cave on Staffa?


14. Notorious Alexander "Sawney" Bean and his clan were executed inthe 15th century for allegedly comitting what'?


15. You can see ancient beds made of stone at the neolithic Skara Brae settlement, picture below, on which island group? It's also famous for the world's shortest scheduled commercial flight, 2 minutes from Papa Westray to Westray.



16. Who invented Inspector John Rebus?


17. Which artist/producer teamed up with Rihanna for the 2011 smash hit "We found love"?


18. Most Scotchs are blended, but how are whiskys made in just one particular distillery from one malted grain, usually barley, called?


19. Sharleen Spiteri sung about the "Summer Son" and claimed "I dont want a lo-o-o-over, (I just need a friend)". She also desperately needs a map as her band is strangely named after an American state.


20. Robert the Bruce lies buried here, Charles I. of England (later beheaded by Mr.Cromwell) and Andrew Carnegie were born in the city where the Scottish court resided until James in 1603 also became king of England and moved to London. It's also the home of rock band Nazareth.


21. As evidenced in the movie "When Harry met Sally" which time of the year is the Scottish tune "Auld Lang Syne" sung?


22. Channel 4 in 2007 and 2010 crowned which "Big Yin" as the funnyest British stand-up comic?


23. A police officer role in which gangster movie earned Sean Connery an Oscar?


24  The last genuine Scot (Blair is just born there) to be British PM before Gordon Brown was this conservative nobleman, he had to renounce his peerage to assume office in the 60s.


25. Which band founded in Glasgow by Bobby Gillespie, who in spite of the band name actually sings, had hits like "Rocks", "Kowalski" and "Country Girl"?



26. Which role model of Jackie Stewart was the first man to win the Indy 500 and the Formula 1 drivers championship on Lotus in the same year but died tragically in Hockenheim in '68?


27. A song about a Scottish peninsula by Paul Cartney's "Wings" was the first single to sell two million copies in the UK, which one?

28.  Who is the charismatic Scottish frontwoman of the American indie band "Garbage"?




29. Which 1995 Rallye World Champion, featured in video games, died in a 2007 helicopter crash?


30. Which 1985 born founder of the blog site "Mashable" was voted as the most influential Briton and the world's most influential Twitter user in 2009?


31. Which Scotsman was the only pirate ever to be questioned by parliament. He was hanged later in 1701, his treasure was featured in Poe's short story "The Gold Bug".


32. Who became Britain's most successful Olympian in 2012 by winning his sixth gold?


33. According to Carl Barks which Disney character, likely created after Andrew Carnegie, was born in Scotland in 1867?


34. When James I. became King of England his entourage settled in London where centuries later the national police was formed, where exactly?

35. From Westray to Papa Westray is what?


36. Which golfer won seven straight European Tour Order of Merit titles '93 to 99 but never a Major?



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